Gulp - Advanced Documents Translation Management System and Desktop publishing online

GULP is not a simple “document management” application it is suitable online because it uses a basic Adobe InDesign template which is the leader in advanced graphics. In this way it is possible to manage graphic documents directly (created by professional graphic designers) ready for print which can be adapted to every layout.


GULP is a customizable multi-customer system

The system can be extended or customized in order to meet any specific need of the Customer.

Through an intuitive web interface the authorized users can access the requested document. Then through verification one can decline parts of the document or validate the whole and export it through the already implemented services or by means of a software solution which can be developed in order to suit your needs.

The system is also optimized for use through smartphones and hand heldsenabled to surf online via a WiFi or UMTS connection.

With GULP the documents are generated online in real time (approximately 1-2 minutes are necessary to generate a high definition pdf of a 15 page graphic document) in the following format:

  • InDesign
  • Low definition pdf
  • High definition pdf
  • Html or xml or another format covered by copyright which the customer needs


It is possible to view the document at each moment and manipulate content to adapt them to the graphic template.

All the processes are supervised by one or more administrators (of the customer) who will have to approve the generation high definition pdf files.

Demo documents

Try now the GULP system with a demo document, click one of the banners below




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